Myofascial is a very safe and effective massage therapy technique that uses specific, sustained pressure, elongates the fascia that wraps muscles, and releases anchored tissue and ‘trigger point’ areas to restore mobility and calm areas of pain and stiffness.

Releasing these restrictions promotes increased flexibility and improved blood and lymphatic circulation, freeing muscles to function optimally.

Generally, it is recommended to book 90 minute treatments to achieve the greatest benefit. Specific areas are the focus during the treatment, as well as areas not local to pain felt, however that may be involved.  Clients report an increase in their quality of sleep and greater results in daily and active pursuits.

Myofascial massage therapy is an excellent treatment for areas of injury and surgery, and an effective choice to soothe muscles used during regular daily activity.



Soft tissue release is a dynamic massage therapy treatment used for both acute and chronic  conditions that applies pressure to muscles during a stretch performed in multiple planes of movement.  Muscle performance is improved, scar tissue issues resolved, and muscles imbalances decreased.  Soft tissue release is often incorporated in Body Calm’s sports massage therapy treatments as a successful adjunct, reducing or eliminating pain altogether, and elongating muscle fibres affected in areas of chronic restriction.

Swedish Massage is a form of massage therapy that uses fluid techniques to promote relaxation by calming the nervous system promoting improved sleep, reducing stress, and generally improving mental wellbeing.



Sports massage benefits athletes in preventing injury and improving performance using techniques that actively move muscles into the specific actions of muscles and include trigger point release, increasing movement and flexibility.

Options for sports massage therapy include pre-activity and restorative post recovery treatments.

It is recommended to book a sports massage treatment 2-7 days prior to an event, if new to sports therapy.  Focused sports massage therapy assists muscles in recovery post event and is recommended several hours and up to to 2 days after a sports event.

Runners should book sports massage treatments up until 48 hours before a marathon to prevent muscle strains and get prepared for a race or marathon.



Pregnancy Massage Therapy is it comforting head-to-toe experience for mother and baby. Gentle food techniques increase circulation, decrease swelling in feet and arms and prevent tension in areas that may be affected during the 9 month changes to the body. Pregnancy massage therapy promotes quality rest and relaxation while cocooning the body with soft pillows and warm heat.

Post pregnancy massage therapy addresses muscle imbalances that create stiffness and discomfort, and in some cases nerve pain in the body.